Climbing Competition | 3/25/17

sport climbing local Results

Results from Saturday March 25th, 2017 for our USAC Sport Climbing Competition. This comp was sanctioned by USA Climbing - the national governing body of competition climbing in the United States. To learn more about USA Climbing visit them at

Youth Results

Adult Results

Why Compete?

The word "competition" immediately creates a sense of nevousness and intimidation in many climbers. Yet comps can be one of the single most effective tools to progress your climbing abilities.

How it Works

This is a redpoint format competition. Each competitor has 4 hours to complete the most difficult top-rope and lead routes they can. Points are given for every route completed, with harder routes being worth more points and lead climbs being worth more than top-ropes. Each competitor's final score is the sum of their 3 highest scoring routes.

View the full USAC Rulebook.



Who Can Compete?

The Sport Local comp is open to all climbers. Youth Climbers that are not current USA Climbing members, MUST sign up at USA Climbing for a One Day Membership or a full season Membership. Adult climbers 16 years of age or older are divided into categories based on gender and skill level:

adult categories

Youth competitors are divided into the following categories based on gender and on age:

youth categories


Youth Competitors that are not current USA Climbing members MUST PURCHASE A USAC MEMBERSHIP TO COMPETE. Youth Competitors can purchase a 1 Day Membership on the day of (or up to 24 hrs before) the comp, or a Full Season USAC Membership.





Please see the FACILITY RULES for more information.