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Reservations are required to climb

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All visitors must Complete a Waiver Online

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Filling out waivers before entering the gym.


All visitors to Vertical Ventures need to complete one of our waivers. Currently, this must be done online. Any minors will need to have their parents complete and sign the waiver for them. Unaccompanied minors will also need a copy of their parents drivers license. Fill out a waiver now.

Types of Climbing

Reservations are needed to climb. All climbers at Vertical Ventures must pre-select the type of climbing they wish to do for their session.

Top Rope

This is the most common form of climbing in gyms. In top rope climbing, there are 2 people involved - the climber and the belayer. As the climber ascends the wall, it is the belayers job to control the pre-hung safety rope so that when (not if) the climber falls, they don't actually fall, they just rest in their harness. The belayer is able to control the rope by using a belay device. This device applies friction and mechanical advantage to the rope allowing the belayer to arrest the climbers fall. Proper training is needed to safely use a belay device. One must be 13 or older to belay at Vertical Ventures.


The autobelays allow one to climb up the higher walls without needing an additional person to belay. Instead of the climber relying on a belayer to catch their fall, they rely on the autobelay machine to slowly lower them back to the ground after a fall or when they've reached the top. VV St Pete currently has 15 autobelay stations.


In bouldering, the climber ascends terrain up to 13' high, without a rope. Though not as tall, bouldering, by its nature, can be more difficult and dangerous. Being unroped means that every time a climber falls, they impact the ground. VV St Pete has 14" thick professionally designed flooring to help minimize impact forces. We offer bouldering for all ability levels, though the climbing tends to be steep and gymnastic.

For Kids

Rock climbing is a great activity for kids. Maybe you can't keep your little one from climbing up everything in the house? Sounds like a great future rock climber! We currently have a minimum age limit of 3.

Vertical Ventures' Autobelays are a good place to start. As a parent, you'll be able to simply clip your kid in and then watch (or coach) as they climb up the wall. Some areas are easier, and some areas are a bit more challenging. The Bouldering area also has terrain that your little monkey can explore.

For even more climbing options, we recommend that you learn to belay in our Intro to Belay Class. This will allow you and your young climber to climb on all of the roped terrain on the Main Wall.

We do require all climbers under the age of 13 to be actively supervised. Please see our Facility Rules for more info.

Joining other climbers and exploring the gym.

Checking In

Our staff will check your reservation for the current climbing session and get you setup with the gear you need. A harness is needed for all autobelay climbing, and climbing shoes are required for all climbing areas. The climbing shoe is an important tool in climbing and will improve your experience significantly. Lastly, chalk will allow your slippery hands to stick to the climbing grips much more effectively. We are not currently renting chalk, but it is available for purchase.

Clipping in after taking the belay class.


Vertical Ventures staff will give you a tour of the facility and show you how to properly use the climbing equipment. We want to get you climbing just as fast as you want to get to the top of the wall, but this step is critical in ensuring the safety of all participants. Please be patient with your instructor as they go over all of the aspects of climbing safety with you.


Now you're ready to climb! All of our walls feature climbing routes of varying difficulty.The Autobelay routes are rated from 5.4 through 5.13. The lower the number after the decimal, the easier the route. The higher the number, the harder the route. Most first time climbers will be able to climb routes up to 5.7 or 5.8. Harder than that is possible, it may just take you a few tries(falls)! Climbing is all about falling and trying again.

Our Bouldering area features routes that are marked with 1-6 logos. The more logos, the harder the bouldering route(problem). Most beginners will be able to climb some "problems" with 1 and 2 logos, but not all of them. Bouldering is hard!

Practice and good technique will take you into the higher difficulties.

Joining other climbers and exploring the gym.

Current Routes: